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About Y3K Exploration Company LLC

Y3K Exploration Company LLC (Y3K) is a private company that conducts mineral exploration in Mexico. The work is carried out through the Mexican companies Minas Año Tres Mil, S.A. de C.V. and Recursos Cruz del Sur, S.A. de C.V. Y3K primarily is engaged in project generation and works to identify areas with the potential to hold large deposits that would be of interest to major mining companies. Once such an area is found Y3K attempts to obtain the mineral rights and conduct early stage exploration. If the results are favorable, Y3K then seeks to option the property to larger companies to continue the exploration, and if warranted, development and production.

The principal of Y3K is David Griffith, who has been working in mineral exploration in Mexico since 1993. Although Mr. Griffith is a geologist with professional registrations in both the US and Canada, his work in Mexico has been primarily as a prospector and prospect generator. Y3K follows the philosophy that the most important tools in mineral exploration are a sturdy pair of boots, a decent hand lens, and a rock hammer. The exception to this is in areas of post mineral cover, where in addition to geology, deep penetrating geophysical and/or geochemical methods must be used. Y3K has and uses other tools to make the exploration process more efficient, but to our knowledge computers, databases, geographic information systems and the like have not been credited with any major discoveries.

Our most successful find to date has been Cerro Jumil (Esperanza Gold Mine) in the state of Morelos, which was optioned to and later purchased by Esperanza Resources Corp., which in turn has been purchased by Alamos Gold Inc. Current measured and indicated resources are 50,300,000 tonnes grading 0.91g Au and 9.9g Ag/t. Alamos Gold is currently working towards redoing the mine design and resolving permitting issues over the next eighteen months.

Over the years other projects have been optioned to or found for Teck Mining Company, Cambior, Global Resources Corp., Windstorm Resources and Miranda Gold.

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